Day 29: The heavy breather

Today I got into my left corner, feeling good after yesterday’s class with Erin I was ready to hit the mat hard. That’s when the heavy breather showed up (yet again) late to class. I am still shocked how others are incapable of being on time EVERY DAY. The heavy breather is an older gent with a good attitude, if he keeps coming maybe he will get his breath under control. I knew I had to go when I hushed him as a breathed into standing triangle posture. I know I should have focused harder on myself & I was but something about the cooler air & his heavy, loud & obnoxious anxiousness of going in and out of postures really fucked with me.

Today I ate:

  • Gluten free cinnamon bagel
  • 3 cups of tea
  • hot chocolate
  • beans & humus
  • noodles & peppers
  • orange juice
  • emergency

Funny thing:

I used my old night guard and my thought is killing me.

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