Alexandria Zachariades

Alexandria graduated CSU Fresno with a BA in Psychology and is currently in her final year of pursuing her Master of Arts Degree in Mindfulness Based Transpersonal Psychotherapy at Naropa University in Boulder, Co. 

Alexandria currently works as a Youth Advocate in Denver County where she supports teens with complex needs solve emerging adult issues. Some topics tackled include time management, pro-social support and job search assistance. 

Life Coaching

Using a mindful approach to assisting emerging adults into balancing both an academic and social life many of Alexandria’s clients have been successful graduates of both high school and college. 

Each session includes:

  • Mindful breathing exercise for stress reduction, management and skill building.
  • Academic Game Planing.
  • Interpersonal development.


  • Initial Consultation
    • 15 mins – Free
    • 30+mins – $25
  • 60 mins – $30
  • 90 mins -$50