Day 30 When the lights go down in the studio

Today I completed class holding all poses except for 1 standing triangle to completion. I can’t believe how much stronger I have gotten. It is amazing. As we ended class I started to sing “when the lights go down in the city” in my head & made a nice rendition, which made me smile.

I spoke to my Mother finally. She is doing okay after her recent surgery, she has had fevers and is in and out of consciousness during the days sometimes. She told me that applying to graduate school was irresponsible & that I could not rely on her for money & that I was making a poor decision. Everyone my age says to take the jump and do it. I am going to have to move again which makes me pretty bummed out but excited too. I am not meant for the City life. It has been fun & I am learning so much, I never knew how to take a bus line before or how much work it is to live here. It has been eye opening & I have a new found respect for people who live and love the city. I would rather be in the mountains and fresh air. Defining a career which will allow me to foster this is the most important. My desire to find what makes people tick fuels me to follow my dream. I will work and go to school and be successful. I GOT THIS.

Today I ate:

  • Gluten Free cinnamon bagel
  • apple
  • bagel with shmear
  • beans & hummus
  • 3 gluten free bagels with avocado & miso soups
  • 3 cups of tea

Funny thing:

I am tired of moving & super duper lonely & wish with all my heart I had a significant other who would be delighted to take this adventure with me.

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