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The truth about liars.

We are all one. In one way or another, we all have our tiny little lies. Lies we tell ourselves for comfort. Lies we tell others to protect ourselves. Lies; they are nothing but acts of selfishness.

I have a knack for smelling others bullshit. Maybe it was the fact that my parents lied to me often as a child or my background in psychology. I often don’t react to others lies, instead, I become more intrigued. I look into why the person is lying, what are they protecting themselves from?

I try my hardest to be honest with myself in others. Sometimes it is challenging and the tact and poise of honesty can be hard. However, if you live your life in a manner that is true to yourself, lies become particles of the past.

When others lie to me, I care for those people more deeply. They probably think they are pulling one over me, and that is okay. My father often says “totelos” greek for in the end. In the end, we all get what we deserve. If they would like to take advantage of me in some way, go ahead. I know my compassion and love will show them that there is no need to lie.

My patience for liars is great. Liars are the ones that need the most love.