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A simple meditation for being with your fears

Sometimes high up in the forest, I find a rock to perch upon. Sometimes, I read, other times I meditate but when I want to come back to reality and lose my fears of the future; I do this.

I find the highest rock. I find an area that seems comfortable to me, I stand tall and close my eyes. I stand there until I completely forget where I am, losing time and space. Gaining a fleeting feeling as if I am hovering above the earth.

rtable to me, I stand tall and close my eyes. I stand there until I completely forget where I am, losing time and space. Gaining a fleeting feeling as if I am hovering above the earth.

All I think about is this:

Do I trust myself deeply? Decisions, actions, future, past.

I trust myself deeply, decisions, actions, future, past all happened because I trust myself deeply.

I go through this until I mean exactly what I say.
Knowing that the universe provides always. Every time I close my eyes, I know I trust myself & the universe.

What am I going through:

Lately, I have been doing this often as my path to graduate school begins very soon. I look at where this beautiful life journey has brought me. In the beginning, I was upset I did not take this journey sooner, then I feared if it would be worth the money and as the time to descend to Boulder; I can’t help but think of how I will once again be leaving a home I just created for myself. I will be out of my element, standing out as me, the girl from California among a class of 40 other students from mostly the east coast. I have not been in a classroom since I graduated in 2012 from Fresno State. I will be asked to write & then I will be critiqued on my writing. I love to write but I fear, like so many times in the past, it just won’t be good enough. Will my conservative, liberal thoughts not be accepted by my peers? Do I realllllly want to do this? When I am feeling scared, alone or just not me, I can’t hop in the car to see the people who make me feel the best. The universe always provides, ALWAYS provides what it is & exactly what you need, the faith in me for that is deep. So while these fears are so apparent, my meditation has always gotten me to let go of these fears.

So I meditate like this

Knowing that the universe provides always. Every time I close my eyes, I know I trust myself & the universe.

Why yoga?

Why yoga?

Why yoga?

Why yoga?

This took me a while to contemplate because there are so many reasons why!

Because I don’t think I ever knew who I truly was. I started yoga as a way to clear my mind after I first started my 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM job (who willingly does that to themselves?) and had recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I read an article online that Bikram Yoga could rebalance my hormones, so I bought my first Groupon and was on my way. I did 20 out of the 30 days of class and saw my life radically transform, after staring at myself half naked in a hot room full of 40 other people, I started to see my body for what it is. I was able to concentrate more and my depressive habits began to subside. As I deepened my practice going from studio to studio throughout California I noticed that I no longer felt the need to drink heavily in social situations and could actually articulate my thoughts with confidence. I no longer found the need to get stoned or chain smoke when I was anxious I just met the mat.

When I finally did my 200-hour teacher training at Purusha, I learned about the Siddhis and how yoga can cleanse you of the siddhis. Yoga cleansed my life without me even knowing it. I HAD TO WHOLEHEARTEDLY BELIEVE THAT YOGA SAVED ME. Through yoga, I not only found my voice but discovered exactly who I am and what I am meant to be. That’s why yoga.

That’s why; yoga.

Yoga chose me, I did not choose yoga.

21 days of meditation – How I shine my light

There are many different ways to devote yourself to living. In my experience I there are so many different beliefs and to me, none of them are wrong. My life is a culmination of various religion, I have thirst; to connect with the unknown and  so I continue to create myself into a devoted human to the earth through various tools. I am a spiritual person who wishes to engage and learn about the various thoughts and beliefs to construct my own.

So on my path of becoming a better person for this world, I have decided to meditate on the 21 meditations of  the Buddha dharma. There are many principles which fall into the Buddhist construct such as Samsara, the fact that the mind is endless (karma/reincarnation) and that our thoughts can be controlled by ourselves.

In the Buddhist belief, this will bring me from an ordinary small being to that of a special small being and then a middling beings a great being and then an enlightened being. “These 21 meditation’s is the actual method for making this progress”(The New Mediation Handbook).

By doing so I hope to increase my personal vitality, to emanate happiness and finding calming peace inside of me. Each day I will recite a prayer to protect and connect me with higher senses, I will then read a contemplation and begin my meditation.

I invite you to follow along my journey of enlightenment by following along!

How to quickly acclimate to high altitude, a yogis secret

Growing up I split most of my time between high altitude and sea level and never noticed the difference in my body. After a few years of less frequent visits to high altitude, a detoxification of alcohol and a strong connection with my body through yoga, I for the first time felt what it was like to acclimate to high altitude. Here is what happened and what helped!

Extreme altitude is generally considered to be above 12,000 ft where atmospheric oxygen level falls to as low as 60% compared to sea level.

Currently, I am at what is known as high altitude where the atmospheric oxygen level falls to 80% compared to sea level. I am only about 7,000 ft above sea level, and for the first time in my life, I feel a remarkable difference in my body.

  • High altitude = 1,500–3,500 metres (4,900–11,500 ft)
  • Very high altitude = 3,500–5,500 metres (11,500–18,000 ft)
  • Extreme altitude = above 5,500 metres (18,000 ft)

After being home for 3 days, my body has gone through immediate acclimation and is beginning to acclimate to the long term effects of high altitude, which is awesome. Being born in the mountains and having spent a significant amount of time at this level of altitude throughout my life I have never really even thought about my need to acclimate to the altitude. Through my consistent yoga practice, I am able to see deeply into my bodies current functionalities. So as I began my first yoga class on the 26th hour of being “up here” I realized something was off. I was sucking wind and my breath felt short and unproductive. My carotid bodies or the forks in my blood vessel systems near my carotid arteries were sensing a lack of oxygen. In return, my non-essential body functions like my digestion were being put on hold to figure out what the heck is going on.

My yogic practice of following my breath and diving into pranayama felt completely unnatural as if it was not just my body, mind, and spirit but also my lounges which had a complete agenda of their own, altering my bodies ability to function.

Sitting on my mat, breathing, I acknowledged the struggle. I increased the amount of prana entering my body and shortening how much downward energy I was exulting by keeping my outward breath shorter. This worked to create a wonderful connection, and once again I felt at home in my body as it became one with my mind.

Class, was more difficult and I was much more shaky than I had been living in San Francisco. Knowing what was going on inside of me, I gently reminded myself how great this is for my body. Each of myy organs, which will receive much more red blood to them once I fully acclimate!

On the second evening, my body was exhausted, I took a nap and went to bed very early. My bodies regular cycles were off, I felt bloated. As I lay bloated I did a few Thai Belly messages which were taught to me at yoga school the week before, I fell asleep while doing this.

72 hours into my high altitude acclimation, I awoke with a sense energy (but when don’t I? :))and ready to go for the day. Off to a new studio for “Yoga Shop” class, a class for yoga teachers to connect with one another and go through flows they would like to refresh upon. It was just me and my new friend Ky, who is a beautiful heart. We decided to do a yin/restorative while meditating on loving kindness. As my fascia began to release once again I began to feel the disconnect. Sitting still in my yin pose, I was breathing extremely shallow. As I moved into child’s pose, I was given an energetic modification when Ky placed her hand alongside my back in three specific energy healing spots.

Ky placed her hand on the Prana Vayu, on the back of my heart. I felt as if I could breathe again. Forward moving air being sensed by my body.

Ky placed her hand on the Samana Vayu, between the heart and the solar plexus. I felt a deepening connection between my right and left-side, of my back. I was becoming balanced, as I deeply inhaled the connection built in my prana breath gave deeper synchronicity into the Samana breath.

Ky placed her hand on the Apana Vayu, between my navel and my solar plexus. I felt a downward pull as if the energy gathered from the breathe before was filling up this area inside of me.


As I came out of this pose, I felt like a whole new person. Balanced, aligned and ready to achieve high altitude acclimation where the benefits are endless. Some are less sore muscles from lower, production of lactic acid, more capillaries to carry heavier red blood cells (increasing my body’s bang for its buck of every breathe) and more mitochondria for muscular endurance.

So, the next time you go to the mountains, whether it is to live or just to visit, remember to practice pranayama for the most enjoyable experience.

Three quick and easy exercises you can do upon your arrive are listed below!

Ujjayi breath is the most basic breath of yoga. It is a slow deep breathing pattern where you breathe in and out through your nose, taking slow deep breaths and directing the air through the back of your throat, making a HA sound as if you are creating the ocean inside of your mouth & nose. Slow long breaths are important – 4 to 6 counts on the inhale, 6 – 8 counts on the exhale. For beginners, start with 4 counts of inhale and 4 counts of exhale.


Kapalabhati – this is forced exhalation by pumping contractions of your belly, inhalations happening naturally. This helps detoxify the body by removing more Carbon Dioxide from your blood stream allowing for increased capacity for oxygen uptake once you return to normal breathing. Inhale for a deep whole breathe (4 counts), then kick all the are out by snapping your belly, exulting a small but quick 1 second breathe. The mouth can be opened or closed.


Purusha Yoga Teacher Training

This weekend I began my journey of becoming a yoga teacher. What a wonderful experience! As I write this my eyes are heavy, my heart is whole and I am filled with love, knowledge and excitement.

We began by introducing ourselves and our intentions of this course. I chose to set my intention as growth. I thought of this deeply because there is so many areas of my life I would like to prosper. Socially, economically, fundamentally and personally growing for the better. Joy, PJ, Eric and Laxman have all expressed that the teacher training will teach you so much about yourself & I believe it already.

With only 16 hours of guidance under my belt I am beginning to learn a lot about myself. I am a very egocentric person in my outward expression. I think this is because I am quick to speak and slow to think.

Expressing my ego is something I would like to shut down almost completely, this is my goal. Mindful speaking can help be increase and grow my knowledge by allowing others to say things that I most likely haven’t heard or opens a conversation. By having a conversation, I am able to grow friends and by growing friends I will be happy which will help me be happier at work causing me to grow economically. Once I have grown enough I have set my vision at getting into Naropa’s graduate program.

Through the teacher training, I will be able to understand myself more so that I am prepared for the next journey of mine in life.

Now, SANSKIRT – what the heck is this? I am terrible at reading it aloud but through chanting and matra’s we are able to grasp a better understanding of the pronunciation. We open each session or day with three Om’s (the sound of the earth) and then say Shanti (for peace) I really like this part of the practice and provides a ritual and really prepares me for deep meditation.

I have been doing a lot of meditation in the past but I really feel a deeper thought flow during the last sittings through the guidance of the Purusha teachers, I hope I can be like them: inspirational mediation guides.