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My Grad school interview at Naropa

Some say that when you are meant to be in the right place at the right time you will feel nothing. No angst, no pain, no bliss, no excitement, you just are. I landed in Denver walked off the gateway and had this complacent feeling. There was nowhere else I needed to be but here, right now, feeling this.

What a feeling to have, as if time stopped, I could actually feel myself living in the exact present millisecond, there was no noise, I was me.


Soon I found my Mother who I was so happy to have come with me to check out my potential digs. We arrived at Naropa University just in time for a campus-wide meet and greet. We listened to the dean speak, heard a speaker talk and attended a sit in class. We thought we would be watching a class happen, but instead, we were in a class actively participating. Basically, I brought my mother to my first day of school at Naropa, it was awesome.  This is a highly contemplative environment, group discussion, no actual desks and high energy teachers. It would be as if I were going to yoga school all day, but instead of learning yoga, I am learning about psychology and meditation.

One more time, I am learning about psychology and meditation, all day.

I love the way this sounds, my heart is fluttering as I type.


Saturday I arrived at Naropa for my interviews SIN mother (I was actually bummed about this {disclaimer: not a momma’s girl, more on this topic later}). We sat & chatted with others, then was welcomed by the dean and with our peer group were hustled off into different directions. Somatics were in full on dance mode, Mindfulness group which I was in went to meditation and the Buddhist & wilderness people went off somewhere else.

In meditation, the room was perfectly lit, we were asked to breathe with our eyes open, which is something I have not been doing recently but something I will begin to practice again. This is so we can take this awareness into the waking state.

Group interview was interesting, 7 peers, 2 Naropa staff who later interviewed me in person. I rocked the in-person interview & feel I really bonded with my  interviewer. I am totally looking her up and Marcia to send them well deserved cards of gratitude & maybe even potentially my resume 😀 (a girl gotta eat).

I finish the day & my mother picks me up from school.

Let me repeat cause that sounds weird, MY MOTHER PICKED ME UP FROM SCHOOL.

She is the hardest working lady I know, being a teacher in another school district, meant she was not able to do this, my heart was always ecstatic when she did pick me up or took me somewhere on weekdays.

We went out to dinner downtown & I got to see how simply wonderful Boulder is & the people who live there.

My heart belongs there, where time is slow and people say hello to one another, not scared for their life upon approaching strangers.

Now I sit and wait for the call.