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I am perplexed by racism.

My cousin is openly racist. I understand that there is something innate in everyone that attracts them to others that look like themselves and run from those who they are unfamiliar with. I get that, I get that sometimes I say things or people do things & I make generalizations. I don’t like this part of me & I try to think differently and pay attention to it.

I am sorry for my thoughts as we are all humans. Sometimes others have different agendas, they can be cruel agendas or loving agendas. When others agendas aim to me, I innately go into fight mode. I judge. I Judge hard. This is racism to me, however, others take it to such a greater.

I hope that someday the world can become a better place through education of our own awareness of our thoughts and thought action. Racism is innate, it is your conscious decision to be a complete barbarian or learn, adapt and become a superior being to understand.