Yoga Group Therapy

No previous yoga experience necessary, just a willingness to learn body based coping skills & connect with others in a mindful supportive way.

If you are looking for a new, deeper therapy experience that will integrate your mind, body, and soul – look no further!

What is group therapy?

Do you sometimes feel stuck in talk therapy because of a disconnection between your feelings and words?  Is it difficult for you to develop close relationships?  Are you seeking a regular embodiment practice that will support your mental wellness?  This group combines psychotherapy and yoga to foster improved connections with self and others.

It has become well-known that the ancient practice of yoga can be great self-care.  It offers opportunities to develop emotional regulation skills, increase self-awareness, and improve physical wellness.  Our bodies allow us to experience a felt sense of safety, choice, and self-love that can be very therapeutic.  A regular yoga practice can help us build a more loving relationship with our selves.

Importantly, yoga can also help us connect with others.  As we get better at identifying, feeling, and naming our emotions and sensations, we build the capacity to share them as well.  Practicing being present in our bodies while in relationship is one of the most effective ways to increase our capacity for closeness.  

What do sessions look like?

Time in this 90-minute group will be approximately half yoga and half discussion.  The physical practice will be accessible for people of all levels of physical ability, and no previous yoga experience is required.  Each session will start with yogic practices that help members come home to themselves, including physical postures, mantra, breathwork, and meditation.  Following the movement practice, there will be time for processing and discussion.

Weekly topics will focus on getting comfortable with uncertainty, transforming the trauma brain, relationships, work and well-being.

Youth sessions will focus on coping skills & strategies.

All sessions are run by therapist and yoga instructor, Allie Zachariades LMHC, RYT.


March 7th, 14th, 28st

April 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

Cost: $45 per session, typically covered by insurance.

Insurance Accepted: United Health, Premera/Blue Cross Blue Shield, I am also willing to submit super bills to insurance on your behalf.