The following meditation is from The New Meditation Handbook, by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso


Purpose: To share our feeling of cherishing so that we come to cherish ourself and all living beings equally.

I will cherish myself and others equally because:

1. All living beings have shown me great kindness in both this and previous lives.

2. Just as I wish to be free from suffering and experience only happiness, so do all other beings. In this respect, I am no different from any other being; we are all equal.

3. I am only one, while others are countless, so how can I cherish myself alone while I neglect to cherish others? My happiness and suffering are insignificant when compared with the happiness and suffering of all other living beings.

Object of meditation: Generate and hold a strong feeling of cherishing all living beings equally.


I am a part of a large world with many others just like me. I will cherish others so others can cherish me.


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