Prayer of Refuge and Bodhicitta       

I take refuge until I am enlightened
In the Buddhas, the Dharma and the Sangha.
Through the merit, I create by practicing giving
and the other perfectionsMay I attain

May I attain enlightenment for the sake of all
sentient beings.

The following meditation is from The New Meditation Handbook, by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso


Purpose: To free our mind from unbalanced attitudes

There is no sense in feeling attached to someone who appears attractive, feeling aversion toward someone who appears unattractive, or feeling indifferent toward someone who is neither attractive nor unattractive. Someone who appears attractive to me can be the object of aversion to others; someone who appears unattractive to me can be the object of attachment to others; and someone to whom I feel indifferent can be the object of attachment or aversion to others. There is no certainty. The appearances of attractiveness, unattractiveness and indifference are only my own mistaken projections; and they make my mind unbalanced, unpeaceful, and destroy my happiness.

Make the strong determination: “I must stop these unbalanced minds, and develop and maintain equanimity – an equally warm and friendly attitude toward all living beings.”


I feel like this is something I have easily done throughout my life. Not to judge someone based on what they look like or where they came from, what I need to continuously remind myself is that people’s actions are often times results of their past. I need to be more kind and open to others when their actions I feel are not respectable.

I must be more warm, friendly and accepting of all living beings. Not joking about other cultures or jumping to assumptions.

I will be more warm, friendly and accepting. – This is my new mantra, I have written it down & will repeat it daily.

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