Prayer of seven limbs

With my body, speech and mind, humbly I prostate,

And make offerings both set out and imagined.

I confess my wrong deeds from all time,

And rejoice in virtues of all.

Please stay until samsara ceases,

And turn the wheel of Dharma fo us.

I dedicate all virtues to enlightenment.


The following meditation is from The New Meditation Handbook, by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso


Purpose: To encourage us to purify non-virtues and to accumulate virtues that cause us to take human rebirth.

If I purify all my non-virtues, there will be no basis for me to take lower rebirth. By accumulating virtue, I shall take a human rebirth possessing freedoms and endowments in future lives. Thus, I can make progress along the path to enlightenment continually, life after life.

Make the strong determination: “I must purify all my non-virtue by sincerely engaging in the practice of confession, and I must put great effort into accumulating virtue.”


Be a good person.

This is what speaks to me after deep meditation. I remember living in San Francisco and having actions that did not feel like me. Inside I felt as if I was zinging, living at lightning fast speed, unable to control my surroundings; my actions were non-intentional and I often found myself saying or doing things that were harsh to others.

This to me in living non-virtuously. Affecting the ones in my world by thinking I am something better or of higher value, I can just walk all over my neighbor. Understanding that people make mistakes, slowing down and seeing the world for what it is. Whether this statement is true or not, I will believe in it because it will help me live sincerely and put more effort into gaining virtue.

Buddha said that human rebirth comes from the practice of moral discipline, wealth comes from giving, a beautiful body comes from patience, the fulfilment of spiritual wishes comes from making effort in our Dharma study and practice, inner peace comes from concentration and liberation comes from wisdom.

I like this statement because it is tangeable now and just superficial enough to affect my thoughts deeply. I have a great desire to fulfil my life spiritually, to have a healthy body, to find inner peace and concentrate. So I will take these notes and live patiently, with dicipline, by giving to others, to study and practice and find wisdom within.


To make my life and the life of others around me beautiful, I will be a good and patient person, all else will follow.


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