The greatest attachment, love.

Not everything needs a response, important events should always be reminded and celebrated, witty jokes are meant to be laughed at. This is how Grandpa listens with his heart. When he does get upset with you, its hard to handle because you want to make him proud because he always listens with his heart.

So as he ages I continuously send my love to him and wonder what his favorite memories were or places he loves to go. I decided the only way to eliminate this pain of not knowing what will be by asking about his favorite memories. So tomorrow, I will spend the day with my Grandpa and ask him questions I think our family and our families next generation would like to know.

I hope this cures me of the painful thought of someday losing him. If you are close to someone you may someday lose, or love someone deeply. Open your heart to them and listen for a lifetime, they will forever love you back.

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