I should have done this sooner…

After getting into Naropa University, I have committed to attending the graduate program this fall and I could not be happier. Work in the corporate office I had done for 3 years really seemed to drag out and I could not wait to get out and go onto something bigger. I looked at my pocket book and made a plan and left the company (semi-unwillingly, but more on that later).

A sense of relief has been lifted from my shoulders. An environment which lacks creative spirit felt almost torturous to me as if every day I sat at my desk I lost a piece of my soul. The people that surrounded me I felt were unhappy in their current life situation and often lied to others. It was hard to be around but showed me what some people choose to live like. The greatest pain was leaving my friend behind. She often asked what she was doing with her life and it made me sad. I often say to myself that if I don’t like something I change it. Maybe that is why I like to do so many things, I have creams and I chase them. But, then I also think to myself, these dreams and aspirations that I have are unrealistic. If I have all these ideas and chase after them, will others think I am a flighty and unstable person?

Why are we so scared of others opinions of us? All my life I have wanted to be free from what others thought. For the first time in my life, I really feel like I am living exactly how I should be. Even though I will not be working 40+ hours behind a desk at a job that has no real impact on the community or world, it is okay. This summer, I am trading in my pant suite to teach donation based yoga on the beach and clean rental homes in Lake Tahoe, and I could not be happier. I will get the chance to strengthen my relationships with my family. My heart will grow stronger as I will fall in love with nature once again. My mind will be cleansed. I will continue my path of living my life authentically.

My Mother is scared I will be in debt forever and has really been scaring me too. But if it is the price I need to pay to help others and open my own practice, I will pay it.

Something I can’t stop asking myself is, why did I not live like this sooner?

Here is what I ask you to do today: Think of one thing you would like to change about your life. Maybe its financial status, fitness goals or even your career path. Make a list of 10 things you need to do to achieve this change. Visualize it daily.

Then do it.

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