Surrender to your fears & they will fear you.


We have our true path. This wonderful life was given to us to live. We cannot predict the future, change our pasts but we can prepare for our future endeavors. If we surrender to what is here and now it becomes much easier to live in the present moment. Some men make money having never enjoyed the fruits of their labor because they never surrendered to the fact that this life is meant to be lived not worked. If we surrender to our fears we become okay with what could potentially happen in the future. I don’t run away from the things I fear, I analyze them. I look at my fears from every angle, I imagine my reactions and my game plans. The what if’s are your fears speaking. Surrender to them, study them. So when you are face to face with your fears your smile at them and ask where the hell they have been. They are nothing new to you for you have been there, done that and you know exactly what to do

Surrender to your fears and your fears will surrender to you.

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