Her dreams.

She dreamed so vividly she forgot to open her eyes.

For her dreams she dreamed were right in front of her.

She forgot that she worked so hard to give herself the life she always dreamed of.

Though she reminded herself along the way how wonderful life is, the progress she had made was never noted.

The dreams she had imagined were right at the crown of fingers.

All she needed to do was act.

So she did.

She acted with grace and gratitude.

She opened her eyes for a brief second and was astounded by what she had observed. 

She was invigorated  by the fruitions of her visualizations, she dreamed more deeply and spoke more kindly.

The gardens she had once dreamed of planting by hand with just seeds were beginning to sprout all around her.

Overwhelmed by their beauty, she became scared of what they may become, for big gardens meant harder work, so she hastily closed her eyes. 

But she continued to conceive, day in and day out, living the dream with her eyes closed so tightly.

For it was easier for her to not see the weeds that were growing alongside her gardens.

As her gardens grew so did her weeds.

One day on a walk through her growing gardens she thought, how does a gardener keep up with weeds?

Simply ignore them & they spread- this she knew

Nag at them and they will prick you- this she knew.

So she watched them, she watched them grow big roots that made her feel uncomfortable  and when the timing was right she confronted them, armed with all the tools that had been given to her along her journey.

The bigger the root meant a bigger hole, which meant once it was gone, more room for the beauty of a garden to grow. 

Free of weeds, her garden began to boom.

Fields of indigo surrounded not only her eyes but, her heart and head too.

She learned to keep one eye closed and one eye open, creating her dreams abd making them reality. Upkeeping and creating a vision that was an inevitable destiny.

-Alexandria Zachariades


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