Sexual responsibility.

I am seriously exhausted of talking to women my own age who are sexually irresponsible.  Maybe it is just something about the San Francisco lifestyle or the fact that the people I am hanging around don’t care enough about themselves. But too many of my sexually active friends are not utilizing contraceptive.

Two friends of mine have told me they think they are pregnant and need to get tested, they have told me this almost since I met them 5 months ago. I ask them if they are on the pill, they say no. Month by month this is a regularly occurring issue. I am tired of giving you GIRLS sympathy. I have told you my story. The one where my birth mother has 4 abortions before finally deciding to keep and put my life up for adoption (bless her soul).

My how these two things have made me responsible for my sexual protection. It has made me buy and carry condoms on dates. It has made me take birth control every day for 5 years. When people continuously tell me they think they are pregnant, I always tell them to get on the pill. I tell them my story and ask them what they would do if they were pregnant. And still nothing changes them.

I’m tired of it. I am tired of my generation asking for sympathy or concern. Holding potential life in you is not something to broadcast to others. Your scared, I get it. But your not actually listening to the people who are trying to help you. Because if you were, you wouldn’t be worrying. You would have gone to planned parenthood, or your doctor and gotten a prescription for birth control.

No more sympathy to the GIRLS who wonder if they are pregnant every month. Change your life, become a WOMEN.

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