Something is off in the universe

Do you feel it too?

I sure do. People are more pushy, more quick to make decisions, more apt to hurt others.


I am guilty of doing the above, but I am also quick to reflect. Everyone is trying to make all these changes in the new year, focusing on their selves forgetting that we all live in a world together.

Today I have had more people yell at me, tell me to fuck off than I have had in all of 2015. Why?


Is it karma kicking in? Is it me being rude? What can I do to change?

I start with myself, changing the situation. What was I doing to evoke the other person? Offering them a job? Sitting at my desk typing?

Are these bad things? Offering a persona job. Sitting at my desk typing. Or offering someone on a diet a chocolate.

I’ve worked so hard to built my fortress in my mind. I constantly see gardens, this shall too pass. I remind myself to move past it not to grow weeds. Get it off my chest then clear the air.

Frustrated job seekers, kicking the dog mentality and an accidental mistake, none of these things is my fault. Do I have to deal with them? Yes, this is part of life.

I am still me, happy.

They are still them, upset with something they don’t even know why.


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