The feeling of hope and hapiness

Hold onto it, it is precious.

Tonight marks my 3rd-week post surgery, I went for a message as I can feel my muscles deteriorating and I am getting anxious to get back to the studio. Mr. Magic Hands at the yoga studio worked his magic. I got off the table and was magically able to straighten my leg 100%, I could bend my knee past 120%. I was shocked and amazed, that feeling of being able to walk without pain was unimaginable before I  had laid down. I was filled with giddiness, hope and joy. I could see that my recovery was coming along.

This feeling reminded me to be cautious of my negative thoughts, I do feel crippled at times, I need no express this, healing takes time, remember not everything is joyful.

Breath when you feel like you are not healing, mindfully relax your body, you are okay, relax, breath, relax.

I just kept saying this as I was massaged by magic hands, I could feel myself tensing when he pushed into my body, he worked my muscles so perfectly.

So if I apply this mantra to my walking life when I am unable to imagine getting healthier, I just need to breath, relax, believe I am okay, relax, in out, breath.


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