Thank you kind stranger

People can be so nice. Today a girl who most people would consider to be ghetto, maybe because she was African American, or because her hair was braided or because she was rocking Jordan’s and a bit out of place in the financial district during rush hour. she was walking along side me as I was crutching along when she turned and said “that must be a lot of work here in city” I replied “yea” and kind of chuckled, she asked me where I was headed as I was approaching my office building door, I said “right here” she opened the door and told me to have a beautiful day.

This girl who showed me more compassion than all the other “friendly looking” person I have come across in the city. She reminded me how stereotypes work and that compassion wears many faces.

Thank you, kind stranger. We need more people like you in the world and have inspired me to be more giving.

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