The road to recovery

I went into surgery early Tuesday morning. I was lucky enough to have a caring friend named Kerry with me. She drove me into the hospital and sat with me before I was taken into surgery. As I got into the bed and counted back to from ten to one, I got excited, the road to recovery was near.

After three hours of being out, I came to and boy was I sick. Once, I finally got home I went to sleep for the next day and a half. As I awoke, I heard the happy dancing of a dogs feet. It was my Dad’s dog Bailee, she had he face resting against the end of my bed patiently waiting for me to schooch myself out of bed.

One look at her and it made my heart smile, my leg hurt, but she kept my mind off of it.

As I reflect on this, I find it interesting how the presence of a cute animal can change a mindset. Maybe it is a puppy’s contagious energy or her belief that everything is honkey dory that made me feel just a bit better.

Dad has been taking care of me as I have not been able to walk. He told my Uncle that he “get’s to take care of his Daughter”. I thought it was awesome, he was excited to take care of me. It was not a burden to him, it was a treat and an honor. I am so thankful for having him in my life.Though he can be annoying or persistent at times, I love him and would not change him for anything in the world.

I am going to be hanging out with Dad and Bailee until I have my own two feet back!

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