You will be fine.

After a relaxing Bikram class this evening, I received an urgent call from my Mother, who I get to see today (as I write this I am on a train to Truckee & couldn’t be more ecstatic – more on this later). She informed me that she would be unable to pick me up from the train station as she had found another growth on her sutur from her first surgery to remove the growths. I guess this means they are masticazing.

She said she wouldn’t know if she would be able to come home or would be emitted to surgery right then. I told her she would be fine, I repeated it again not just for her but myself. I feel like I am racing up to see. I pray that I can see her before she has to go in for another surgery. I am scared, a confident scared. My Mother shows no emotion, she holds it together. She is strong, I know that when I see her I am going to cry. Cry a lot. Cry because I am scared for her. Cry because I know how much it kills her to be inside during a beautiful winter season. Cry because I Love her. Cry because, that’s just what I do sometimes.

To see how strong my Mother has been through this is truly a gift. It shows me how much I have learned from her. To walk with your chin up no matter what. To never take your health for granted. To take every opportunity you can, that is within reason. To not just BE but BE Excellent.

I am happy I get to spend some major couch time with my Mother. To experience some of the pain that she is going through. If I could I would take her pain & go through it myself just to see her ski this season. She is much better than me so the verticle wouldn’t be downplayed for one second knowing her. When I am able to ski in mid-February, I won’t take any moment on the mountain for granted. Just like she taught us. Lunch breaks are 30 minutes, sleeping in meant you were left behind and frozen Snickers are life. I am going to raise my kids like this. They may hate me, I won’t care, someday they will thank me like I am thanking her now. It’s awesome that someone cared about me SO much that she wanted me to love the outdoors as much as she does. I think that’s pretty freakin’ cool.

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