The world is changing

After Fridays terrorist attacks in France, I felt a huge shift in the world. For once I feel like people are seeing how there is major evil in the world. I arrived at work on Monday with flowers & memorials all over the entrance to my building. The French Consulate sits on the 7th floor & my company is on the 3rd. There are news crews all over & people coming to pay their respects. It is a harrowing reminder that this is a very real world we live in today.

Since the last major World War technology has changed beyond what we believed to be possible. This will not become a World War, hopefully, it will become nothing. These terrible people want to issue havoc on the Western Culture. Why? Why do others so desperately try to enforce their opinions on one another? Why can’t we live in harmony?

My only thought could be that education is the only catalyst for world peace.


I guess that’s just my two cents.

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