Leanring to make Yoga as a lifestyle

After reading Bikram’s book, I was enlightened to learn many things about yoga. Yoga; in theory is the gateway to the divinity; if this is what you so choose to believe in. There are 4 main types of yoga with 8 limbs. There is Karma, Raja, Bhakti and Jhana. Last night I attended an event a Purusha Yoga Studio in the Outer Richmond where, I for the first time, engaged in a tradition Bhakti yoga.  “This form of yoga includes formal worship, praying and surrender to god. Jesus and Gandi, for example, were bhakti yogis. who showed devotion in every single action of their daily lives.”-Bikram Chaudry.

As an atheist, I am conflicted. But as someone who grew up believing in God, I understand. I think this is an essential practice of out lives. I felt amazing during this experience.

I arrived at the studio at 7:30 exactly, The Kirtaniyas (the band) went on around 8:00. I wasn’t nervous going on this adventure alone. As every time, I ask others to come along they already had plans. Going into this, I thought, it was not a godly experience. That is okay, I am learning to identify that if there is a god, he is within me and we all share him, however, he is still not greater than I.

I myself, am a hedonist who is given enlightenment through practice.

I didn’t speak to anyone, no one spoke to me. That’s okay, I was one of the youngest people there, that’s okay too. I felt strong being there, I felt like I should have talked to the girl who was just as young as me. Hopefully, I will see her again, I think that would be important to make a friend through spiritual experience. She was alone too, maybe we could converse over something great!

I am looking forward to the next experience at Purush. Even with my bum knee, I can’t wait.

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