Meditations, Revelations & the Law of Change

On my often traveled route to the Bikram Studio to my home, I see an old Apostal church. This beautiful church has a banner that says “Taize Chanting Meditation – Wednesday Evenings, 7:30 PM”. I have been interested in finding meditation groups and ways to connect with my deeper being. As someone who has struggled to identify with God as my savior, I thought this would be an easy, non-religious meditation group.

I was just in time on this cold evening, as I walked into the candle lit church, I was given an agenda. In the middle of the room, I saw a cross covered in candles, surrounded by pillows. I started into a small panic, thinking I had just brought myself to church unintentionally. There were chants and songs I had recognized from my attendance of the Catholic Church as a child. I was reading the agenda and thinking to myself “when should I leave?” I was annoyed. I felt lied to, like false advertisement.

I took a deep breathe & thought of my Grandmother, who loves & enjoys god. I thought of my Mother, who is sick. I remembered that we don’t know what happens when we pass & what I could gain from this experience was not only good Karma for my mother but a balancing of myself in deep reflection.

The women began to sing, in the most beautiful voice ever. I was in pure awe. The readings were insightful, one even saying “let your mind wander, take the juorney you imagine, but be ready for hard work”. Or something along those lines.

Though I still believe in a buddhist view about god, that we each are out own god & are connected by our peices of our own god, maybe the god on the wall is just my homeboy that was humble enough to preach about all of our gods.

At the end after 10 minutes of silent meditions followed by two more chants, it was closed with “Seek ye first”.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and its rightousness; ANd all these things shall be added unto you. Alleluia.

I believe firmly in this. Since each of us our are our own said god, then we need to seek our own righteosness. If we love and respect ourselves, we can loved and respect others. Once those others see the love and respect others give them, they can learn to love and respect themselves, and so on and so fourth.

I guess if we grouped this with the Laws of Change, then man we could really have some world peace.

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