Day 16: You have been through worse hell

There was a new girl in class today & bless her for she to Andrea’s class for her first time. I have to mentally prepare for Andrea because she is demanding & expects the best from you, I love it, it’s like game day but in Bikram in her class. I got to thinking what I would say to someone who took their first class. I would tell them to no leave the room for they have been through worse hell in their life. I feel like this sparking thought may trigger them to think deeply about past experience throughout yoga and learn to understand that it is okay & there will be a  brighter future. Each class I finish I silently think to myself: I SURVIVED and it is a beautiful feeling.

I’m sore, it’s hard to get into get deep into poses but it is worth it & I am proud.

Today I ate:

  • 1/2 cup granola, 3 spoons yogurt & grapes
  • salad with avo, tomato, carrots & peppers
  • 3 cups of tea, 2 cups coffee
  • Kerry & I made gluten free pumpkin pancakes & eggs for dinner YUM!

Funny thing:

Kerry & I discussed this recent article she had read in Times mag. about a women who recently became sober. She went to the doctor to get birth control. She told the doctor she had not had sex for 2 years & he replied that she was practicing secondary birth control, the first being abstinence. She interpreted this has her beliefs to have changed to practicing abstinence because of her religion. She is recently sober & has never actually had sex for with a man for the first time sober & I identify with her greatly. I am not recently sober but I am practicing balance & consciousness.

I have not had sex in a while & I a so far from the hookup culture it is scary. Friends I know get referred men to have casual sex with & I think to myself, the next person I have sex with I want to marry. I can’t see myself  spending my time with others who are negative energies or are not on the same wavelength. Maybe that is selfish & self-absorbed but I can’t help but think how valuable time & space are. I am excited for my future.

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