Day 10: Heating up on a Friday

Went to my left corner today again, I love that little sanctuary. Today’s class was only 60 minutes so I set my intention to not leave anything on the mat and go 100%. I am really coming into poses, rabbit pose which has long been my favorite I have begun to know what it is to lift your hips up. My arms are straight and tucked, top of head on great, knees to forehead yet I can still get HIGHER, it is awesome.

Today I ate:

  • 3 spoons yogurt, 1/2 peach/ 1/4 cup granola
  • Left over salad
  • 1 piece chicken (my co-worked makes bomb baked chicken)
  • Handful of mixed nuts and berries
  • a banana
  • macha green tea
  • vegan nachos
  • sweet potato fries (homemade)

Funny Thing:

I did my laundry & decided to call my bags full of sweaty clothes, CRACK BAGS 🙂

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