Day 9: I was once grounded for 6 months I can do 30 days

During pranayama breathing; I felt like I was torturing myself, but in a good way. I remembered being grounded for 6 months after throwing a rager at my house when my parents weren’t home. I just remembered, if I could survive my youth, I could survive 1,200 hours of hot yoga in 110 degre heat like a champ.

Erin is my favorite teacher, maybe its because she is a Bulldog, maybe it’s because she was Psych Graduate too or maybe it is just because she is an experienced teacher. I went through all the pose’s, I have really nailed down standing bow, getting deeper and deeper into it. I am hoping to stick through standing head to knee by the end of next week. The back strengthening series which I am not the fondest of are getting better & more easier to do.

This class I practiced in the far left corner in the front row, it the hottest spot in the room. I LOVE this spot, mostly because it is undistracted & I feel as if I am really in my own world and able to meditate and come out into a darshana thought.

Today I ate:

  • 3 spoons yogurt, 1/2 peach, and 1/4 cup granola
  • 1 cup of mixed nuts and dried berrys
  • Salad, I tried to go to Eatsa – this fastfood organic place but the line was too long so I settled for a make your own salad bowl wich I filled with cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, beans, shredded cheese and spinach drenched in honey mustard and vinnager salad dressing
  • 3 Cups lemon ginger, green tea
  • Splurged on some Greek food and mowed down a falafel

Funny thing:

Rode the bus to work with my jacked on inside out :P.

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