Day 3: 27 Day challenge

Today I found clarity in my practice. I felt connected with the connections I made at the studio. I decided to walk 1 mile from my office to the studio because I have been craving the outdoors, and what better way to learn a new city than to walk it, right?

I didn’t set and Intention, I just did it.

Today I ate: 

  • Gluten-Free cinnamon Toast with brie cheese (YUM!)
  • Salty/spicy pistachios
  • An apple
  • Large salad with some chicken
  • Salmon for dinner – no seasoning
  • Mozzarella cheese & some tomato

The class:

Friday class is a 60-minute class, I wanted to go hard in the carpet so I decided to push myself through each pose, because many you only do once…. So I thought, really it is cut down by making sitting poses done once, but that is okay! This teacher, in particular, I have noticed likes the room HOT! She has a strong methodical voice, which I love, but man! PUHlease open the door! JK, I don’t mind it, I am still smiling.


  • Still struggled with standing head to knee, I feel my legs just aren’t strong enough yet.
  • Fell out of balancing stick – that sucked.
  • Standing tree was a bit easier, but I used a hand towel then snapped my ankle a bit out of wack.

Today’s funnies:

Walked the wrong way to catch the bus after class & did a dead sprint for the 1 Line and I still had to wait 20 minutes for the next one. UGH! But the women I sat next too was jammin’ out so that was cool 8).

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